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Seminar seeking participants -- "Writing the 'Self' Back into Jewish Studie
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3/26/2018 at 4:25:59 PM GMT
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Seminar seeking participants -- "Writing the 'Self' Back into Jewish Studie
We are organizing a “seminar” at the 2018 AJS conference in Boston (December 16-18, 2018) on “Writing the ‘Self’ Back into Jewish Studies.” We hope to engage scholars who are interested in turning to new modes of writing (hybrid, cross-over, personal narratives, on the borders of philosophy, poetry etc.) in order to reflect on the very precarious notion of the "self." Can new forms of narrative writing help us shape new approaches to scholarly subjectivity in Jewish Studies? This seminar will bring together up to eight scholars from a variety of disciplines who wish to explore this hybrid form of writing — a genre that crosses the scholarly and more widely-accessible divide; a genre that enables deep, personal examination of one’s subjectivity in relation to a scholarly problem, or which adopts a “creative non-fiction” mode, or one that melds various forms. In all cases, the genre is meant to illuminate aspects of some question in Jewish Studies that ordinary methods might not. AJS Seminar Format: participants will write and circulate their papers in advance, and will gather at two 90-minute sessions during the conference for sustained, interactive engagement with each other’s work. Unlike an ordinary panel, seminar papers (10-20 pages) are meant to be read by the audience in advance. If you are interested in being considered, please send a short abstract to Leslie Morris at University of Minnesota (morri074 at umn dot edu) or Mira Sucharov at Carleton University (mira dot sucharov at carleton dot ca) by April 8, 2018.