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Seeking participants for session on Hermann Cohen
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4/19/2018 at 11:19:22 PM GMT
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Seeking participants for session on Hermann Cohen
2018 marks the centennial of the death of Hermann Cohen. I am interested in organizing a panel for the AJS Conference to mark that centennial which will focus either on some aspect(s) of Cohen's work or his influence on Modern Jewish Thought and the discipline of Jewish Studies. Please respond here or email if you would be interested in presenting a paper or participating in any other role, including as a chair or respondent. My hope is to organize a panel that is diverse in outlook, career status, and demographics. Thanks, Mark A. Kaplowitz University of Memphis

5/2/2018 at 4:32:06 AM GMT
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I would like to give a paper on Heidegger in which I contrast him with Herman Cohen's Religion of Reason. My thesis is that Heidegger is reacting to Cohen's version of Jewish philosophy and develops a Jewish philosophy of his own. Hence, the paper is called "Heidegger's Jewish Philosophy" Yes, I know it sounds absurd, but think of Being and Time and then think of those place where Cohen deviates from traditional views. Some of the major differences end up as key topics in Being and Time--suitably Germanized of course. Would this work with your paper? Any one else interested in a panel like this?

5/2/2018 at 4:33:06 AM GMT
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You can best reach me at
Edward Halper