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Modern Jewish Literature & Culture
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Graduate Student Works-in-Progess: 20th Century Jewish Literature Revisited 0 N. Taub At AJS 2017, I met an array of wonderful graduate students doing interesting work, so I wanted to put together a panel that would give them an opportunity to get meaningful and holistic feedback on the work they are doing. The idea would be to have some graduate students (however many will fit in the time slot) present works adapted from their dissertation projects and then have a panel of professors (3-4) discuss the papers forum-style, commenting on the directions, intersections, innovations, and challenges of the projects If anyone is interested in being involved in this panel or knows anyone who would want to be involved in this panel, please let me know here or at!
by N. Taub
Friday, April 27, 2018
Contemporary Research on Philip Roth 0 M. Satz Philip Roth has been a controversial writer throughout his career. This panel will revisit the criticisms of him as Anti-Semitic in light of his work as a hole. Please submit to English Department, Southern Methodist University
by M. Satz
Thursday, April 26, 2018
Local Color in Jewish Literature 0 Y. Lewis Seeking participants for a panel on “Local Color in Jewish Literature”--how do the local (national, geographic, linguistic) and the Jewish (traditional, textual, historical) come into play in the production of Jewish-American/-German/-Argentine/-French/-Russian/-etc. literatures?
by Y. Lewis
Friday, April 20, 2018
Seminar seeking participant 0 B. Beckerman An interdisciplinary seminar will address issues of immigration of Russian and/or Soviet Jews, and their integration (or lack thereof) into their new societies in Europe, Israel, and the Americas. Topics under consideration are: psychology, sociology and literary expression of the immigrant engagement with the host societies, cultures, and literatures. The seminar needs one more participant - someone to discuss the psychology of the immigrant experience. Please reply directly to asap and include the title of your proposed paper with a brief one sentence description of the topic that you will address. Thank you
by B. Beckerman
Friday, March 23, 2018